Sunday, September 20, 2009

Puppy Update!!

My parents are still gladly suffering through "ridgeback puppyhood" with Deka, who is now 8 months old! Rob and I went over for some sukiyaki the other night (and some furrball time).

Sukiyaki = the best food EVER. Japanese mish-mosh of yumminess.

Back to the nonexistent point... I was really impreesed with how Dek is doing! She is obeying commands and actually didn't eat a single scrap off of hte knee-height coffee table! The whole point is to just share some pics to the pets! =).

Sashi looking regal as ever :) (and begging for food)
The not-so-small-anymore baby looking somwhat sad at having to be good.
Felix finally figured out a way to hide and still be pet --
the pup can't see him, but we can!
Oscar is more brave...venturing all the way out to the couch.