Monday, April 20, 2009

All Parents are Crazy

My parents are crazy. Always with the best intentions, but still... nuts. Usually in a lovable, easy-to-shrug-off way, but still... crazy. Despite this, I make the argument that ALL parents are crazy. It's the prerogative of being of parent.

I spent the weekend visiting my parents in Florida with my boyfriend, Rob. First thing, our flight was a half an hour early. Rob sensibly suggested, "Shouldn't you call you dad and tell him we ran early?" "Nope. He already knows" was my completely confident reply. And he did. My father has flight-tracker send updates to his iPhone. He knew we were landing early before we did and was already at the airport. Kindof eccentric, but in a lovable way.

Rob works in the wine industry. Therefore, part of the weekend was spent running Rob around to my parents favorite wine shops. The two of us were sent on an "errand" to Total Wine (actually, that worked out well -- Rob bought my parents a case of different wines to taste), tasted wines at Crown Wine and Spirits and finally, the local gourmet shop. I think Rob talked more wine this weekend than he usually does during the week! My dad took notes... literally.

Then there were the various assorted activities with the dogs. The trip to the beach worked out well-ish. My mother tried to panic every time a dog came over to say "hi" to the puppy. The weekend was rounded out with an insane and exhausting trip to an art fair... The puppy kept on whimpering while walking around. Werealized that the pavement was too hot for her baby paws... oops. We had to carry her. Then the big girl, Sashi, decided to protect our lunch table from every passing dog... of which there were millions. Then the fair turned out to be crafts not art... I'm unclear as to the distinction, but my parents complained. Oh yes, and apparently my parents weren't expecting a huge crowd... on a fabulous sunday... in april...??

Despite the crazyness, there was the entirety of Saturday, which Rob and I spent lounging by the pool, swimming, reading in the hot tub and generally getting very sunburnt. Fabulous. The food and wine were universally excellent all weekend.

Rob and I walked into the airport after the disastrous art fair experience on Sunday and sighed a huge, exhausted sigh of relief. He turned to me and said, "Baby, your parents are kindof crazy." I smiled back and said, "So's your mother, but I love her anyway." And that is exactly my point. So they're nuts and sometimes things (like the art fair) turn out to be a disaster. They're parents! Parents are all crazy -- mine included.

Mom with Deka, 14 weeks old.

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