Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I find myself in Philadelphia with Rob's family for the second year -- something which I enjoy very much. It's always fun to be with someone in their "native habitat"... in Rob's case, this consists of his mother (who has a special place in my heart for putting me up last year for an entire month), the younger bro and lots of family friends. Thanksgiving this year was a big event consisting of 13 people around one giant table in one tiny dining room. The food didn't fit (never does) so it lived on a separate buffet table. There was a wide smattering of ages from high school, college, us 20-somethings, some 30-somethings and, of course, the parentals who were actually the significant minority!

All in all, yummy, warm, excellent wine selections (thank you, Rob) and then a nice long lie-down on the living room floor in an attempt to digest. Good time =).

The gang...
Nan, Lucas, Ryan, Angela, Marcelle, Alex, Nora, Danielle, and Jeff
in line for the buffet =).

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