Saturday, January 2, 2010


Half way done with Intern Year!

how in the world did that happen!?! and why don't I feel like I've gotten much better and what I do? (in defense of that statement, I did ask one of the attendings one night when the feeling like I know what I'm doing thing starts happening... the answer was half way through NEXT year, so... )

Maybe it's just a "the more you know, the less you realize you know" phenomenon. I have had 2 successful intubations now (of 6 attempts), put in my first femoral line on my first try (yay for anatomy class), have seen cool stuff, have seen some sad stuff, have had patients drive me crazy and have had patients I really liked. I have figured out which Cornell attendings I like, which I love, and which one (singular) I could really do without.

by the way... I survived surgery. 'nuff said.

Now it's a new year and, for me, a new hospital. My entire second half of the year will be spent up at Columbia -- time to re-learn an entire hospital system, 100% new ER staff, new ordering systems and a different chart. Not to mention almost double the patient volume, at least half of whom don't speak any english. Columbia is the place where you don't bother to call the primary doctor because 90% of the patients don't have one.

wish me luck! (I'm gonna need it...)

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  1. GOOD LUCK!! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully up at Columbia! Can't wait to read about your adventures up there.