Saturday, August 14, 2010

People Watching

Something that I enjoy as a NYC resident is the so-called pastime of "people watching." Fortunately, Rob is also a world-class people-watcher and the two of us can go to a park or sit in outside at a restaurant or starbucks quietly and completely comfortable with each other watching the world go by. Occasional comments pass such as "awwww" or giggles and most often, "did you see that??"

I, however, also tend to go on a people-watching tangent. It's called dog-watching. Yes, I watch all the NYC pups go by. Take my walk this afternoon before sitting down to write this post. I was walking through a local park near our apartment and fell into my "dog-watching" routine. There was the adorable Great Dane puppy in the dog run who just didn't seem to understand play with non-litter mates yet. The Golden who, upon realizing that they were near the dog park suddenly jumped to the end of its leash to drag its owner to the run.

There was the gay couple riding their bikes on a beautiful summer afternoon -- each with a tiny chihuahua strapped to his chest. (tiny yippy chihuahuas) ... then I passed a couple carrying their CAT on a leash... kitty did NOT look happy.

One of my favorites is a woman in our neighborhood who owns two HUGE and overweight bulldogs who can barely make it around the block in the august heat. She spends most of her time futilely pulling at the leashes, then coaxing and finally tempting inch by inch with doggy treats.

The point is, new yorkers are a great bunch with hillarious dogs.

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