Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ahh, the antics of a 4 month old Ridgeback puppy. I must say, Deka is the most rambunctious Ridgeback puppy my family has had to date. She hasn't chewed any furniture, hasn't peed on the carpet, hasn't broken any lamps, but she's got a LOT of energy.

Deka's newest thing is that she likes to jump up and put her front paws on Sashi's back so that she can see over tables and counters. My father was chopping vegetables with the back of the knife overhanging the edge of the kitchen counter and the pup cut her forehead on the knife. Quick trip to the emergency vet resulted in 3 stitches and one of those space-dog cone collars. I don't have a picture of that cuteness because...

When they got back home, Deka went running into the house, tried to round a corner and caught the edge of the cone collar on the wall. This sent the pup flying and, ofcourse, broke the cone collar in two!!! Apparently she just stood up, shook it off, sniffed the collar (now on the floor) and ran away again!

The collar lasted a grand total of 30 seconds. I'm STILL laughing just thinking about it.

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