Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm a goof :-P

Sometimes I even amaze myself (and wonder how I have survived my life so far)...

My college roommate got married one year ago (congrats on your anniversary, Gen and Bren!!) and she asked me to act as photographer for her wedding -- a huge honor! I have about 2G of photos for her from her wedding, burned onto a CD complete with a slideshow of the best ones... and I have yet to send it to her.

Fast forward to this weekend. I am all packed and ready to go and visit the happy couple down in DC for the holiday weekend. Rob and I are leaving at 5:30am tomorrow morning. But I forgot the picture CD up at 83rd street! I go hauling ass up there late at night from 74th... stop by the pharmacy, straighten my room, open some mail... another friend of mine from college, Cara, calls. I haven't talked to Cara in a long time and we start catching up. I lock the door, walk all the way back down to Rob's apartment only to discover (after I am all warm and comfy in the 74th street apartment) that I forgot the photo CD!!

Yep. I just walked a mile for a CD that I forgot to get. Fabulous. I apologize in advance, Genevieve!

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